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Sign up to Serve is a volunteer matching platform designed and driven entirely by volunteers.

We have just launched the beta version of and will like to invite you to register a volunteer account to help you find interesting volunteering opportunities hosted by non-profit organisations and community groups. The projects there will be mainly skilled volunteering opportunities, so that people can contribute by exercising the skills and expertise they have, and even acquire new ones as they volunteer in groups and learn from one another.

There are many features we want to refine, and wish to get your feedback so that we can improve the user experience. Therefore, please forgive us if the current platform is very basic and may not work as well as you want it to.

We want to get volunteers to sign up first before we engage more non-profit organisations to host projects. Therefore, at this point, you may not find many volunteering opportunities, but please be patient as we do that incrementally. Our strategy is to get volunteers in first so that non-profits will be enticed to use the platform.

In the future, we want organisations such as schools or companies to have institutional accounts that can track and provide a dashboard view of the volunteering activity of their students or employees. We also want to gamify the platform so that veteran volunteers can level up and have ‘functionality unlocks’ that grant them more access such as pitching projects to non-profits.

Please sign up, start volunteering and give us your feedback!


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